Librarians on the Commons

There are lots of librarians on the Commons, and about a year ago, fellow Commons Facilitator Brian Foote (@brianfoote) started a wiki page to compile links to their work, focusing especially on blogs and groups.

An amazing amount has happened since!  Included below are some updates, and a bunch of images, one year later.

Please feel free to contribute more links and annotate the existing ones!

The following comes directly from a Commons Wiki page.

Libraries and Library Issues on the Commons

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Moved Permanently

The document has moved here.

Blackboard Help on the Commons Wiki

Seems like an eternity such the calamities of Blackboard, 2009! Love it or hate it, Blackboard is here for awhile, and I wanted to make everyone aware that the Commons Wiki has a lot of information that makes Blackboard use less painful.

Need help setting up a class on Blackboard? Having problems uploading files? Want to add some journal articles to your class site? Check out Integrating Library Resources into Blackboard.

Looking for some examples of Blackboard classes? See Sample Course and Modules. It provides links to CUNY courses set up in Blackboard and can give you an idea what’s possible.

And before you start, check out Design a Lean and Clean Online Interface to Promote Learning for guidance and best practices.

And finally, Karen Greenberg’s Blackboard Tips and Tricks is a great resource to consult when you get stuck. It links to other pages within the category, including How to Create Student Group for your Course.

Teaching and Learning with Technology

Whether you’re busy loading apps on your new iPad this week, or not, you might want to check out our Commons Wiki category Teaching and Learning with Technology. This is a general category and one of our largest, with almost thirty tagged articles. I will feature just a few.

  • The Creative Commons Copyright Resources wiki is a great resource for copyright questions. It includes links to overviews, tutorials, wikis, and blogs related to content ownership issues. Links to sites with images, video, and textual content licensed by Creative Commons are provided. Very useful for Web publishing!
  • Sites with Information about Teaching with Web 2.0 is a good series of annotated links to interesting Web sites that deal with Teaching and Web 2.0. There is a link to the CUNY WriteSite which serves CUNY writers of all types, from undergrads to professors.
  • Design a Lean and Clean Online Interface to Promote Learning is a comprehensive investigation on Blackboard and how it can be used effectively. (The Commons Wiki has a Blackboard category that is also worth browsing through. This category deserves its own featured blog, and I will work on that soon!)
  • Web-based Assignment Design:Principles and Possibilities provides another series of annotated links to articles about teaching web-based courses, and examples how other universities are implementing on-line courses. Check out the link to e-Pedagogy for on-line syllabi and course websites in Literature, Theory, Writing/Composition/Rhetoric and Cyber-Cultural studies. Good stuff!

Happy browsing. And as always, please feel free to contribute more content to this category.

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