Adding Wiki Content to Blog Posts

I’ve been looking at the various ways to use blogs and wikis together, and found a new one (at least to me).

Suppose you want to record what you learn at a class or a conference. Both wikis and blogs let you compile links and share information, but blogs are better suited to broadcast that information. On the other hand, wikis allow content to evolve and grow by enabling collaboration. Blogs allow feedback in the form of comments, but searching through comments is not that convenient.

So here’s an alternative that lets you use both!

Using the WordPress plug-in “WIKI INC” you can include wiki content in your blog post or page. I created a wiki page to further explain, and have dynamically “included” it below to demonstrate this plug-in’s functionality.

Everything below here comes dynamically from a Commons Wiki page

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The document has moved here.

3 Responses to “Adding Wiki Content to Blog Posts”

  1. Thanks for posting this information, this is a great plug-in that I’m sure will get a lot of use. Also, did you change the layout of your blog? It looks freshy fresh.

  2. I think I changed it a couple weeks ago, to take advantage of RSS feeds. Actually, your blog was one of my models, taking me from the dusty, desert mountains to a more “modern” theme. Thanks!

  3. […] Voth @scottvoth – resident Wiki overlord – made a great post about integrating wikis into your blogs.  This is a great resource if you’re using your blog […]

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