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I’ve noticed that I’ve been getting spam comment on some posts and wonder if anyone else is experiencing the same problem.  I’m including a wiki page below that provides some information about spam comment.

Commons Guide to Blogging – Spam Comment

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Moved Permanently

The document has moved here.

One Response to “Spam Comment”

  1. I have not seen much of it on my own blog here at the Commons, but I do see quite a bit of it on other Commons blogs as it is coming through on the activity feed.

    We had the problem for a while at Macaulay, but I recently installed (and activated site wide) the recaptcha plugin. It is excellent, serves a good cause, and has almost completely eliminated ALL comment spam from over 1,000 blogs, with no reduction in legitimate comments.

    Akismet just does not cut it and the other two listed above are not actually installed here, although they might work fine.

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